Speaking For The Earth 50th Anniversary Book

John Meier was one of the first individuals to bring international attention to Environmental issues, even writing the best selling environmental book, Speaking for the Earth, in 1970, for the first Earth Day, which was again released for its 40th and 50th Anniversary and became a #1 Bestseller again in 2023

John Meier has been a nationally recognized expert on pollution problems. For over 50 years he has said that “The number one menace to the health and welfare of America is environmental pollution”. Meier’s biggest environmental battle was with the fight for worldwide nuclear disarmament. Meier became a Director of an anti-nuclear activist group “Fund For Survival” whose famous members included Steve Allen and actor Robert Ryan. Seven years later, when the United States Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) started detonating nuclear bombs in Nevada as part of their nuclear testing, spreading radiation to countless people who lived in the radiation zone including Howard Hughes, Hughes joined Meier in fighting the AEC for four years at the highest levels, with Vice President of the United States Hubert Humphrey even convincing President of the United States Lyndon B. Johnson to commission a presidential panel to study Meier’s data on the AEC and nuclear testing.

Meier was a Special Advisor on Environment Affairs to United States Senator Mike Gravel, who credited Meier with preventing the spread of nuclear power within the United States.

Meier had also consulted other countries on nuclear testing and he served on President of the United States Richard Nixon’s Task Force on Resources and Environment, wrote Speaking for the Earth, a best selling environmental book written for the first Earth Day, was a Special Advisor to Nevada Governor Paul Laxalt on Environment and Data Processing Studies, was a Trustee of Nevada Essential Environmental Development Surveys Foundation, Advisor to the Inter-Agency Water Pollution Control Task, Advisor to the Rocky Mountain Center on Environment, and was the Founder and President of the Nevada Environmental Foundation.

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