Robert F. Kennedy

United States Senator Robert F. Kennedy

John Meier released his diary notes concerning his knowledge of the assassination of United States Presidential Candidate, Senator Robert F. Kennedy (also referred to as RFK and Bobby Kennedy), in the 2015 release of the book Age of Secrets: The Conspiracy that Toppled Richard Nixon and the Hidden Death of Howard Hughes.

Meier was the first person to reveal everything from the Howard Hughes Organization, and Robert Maheu’s, involvement with the assassination, to Thane Cesar ’s connection to Jack Hooper. Meier had also previously leaked Maheu’s involvement with the attempted assassination of Fidel Castro, to American investigative reporter Jack Anderson who first broke the story.

Meier had previously tried to get all his information out regarding the RFK Assassination, including turning over all his related materials to Sirhan Sirhan’s lawyer Larry Teeter.

Soon after turning over his materials, it was announced Teeter had died in Mexico, and when Meier attempted to retrieve his materials from The State Bar of California, they notified Meier’s lawyer that there had been a burglary at Larry Teeter’s home and that records were stolen.

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