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Howard (Las Vegas) Hughes
– Los Angeles Times West Magazine, January 5, 1969

Hughes Nixon and the C.I.A.
-Playboy Magazine, Sept. 1976

CIA may have used contractor who inspired ‘Mission: Impossible’ to kill RFK, new book alleges
-The Washington Post, February 9, 2019

How I got the Hughes Papers by John Reynolds
-Canadian Review, June 1977

Age of Secrets intriguing
-Las Vegas Sun, September 12, 1995

Weird Electronic Plot Bared Here
-Review Journal, November 15, 1967

CIA asked me to spy on Meier
-Richmond film maker alleges, The Vancouver Sun, Jan. 18, 1975

Good Jobs and Homes Only Weapon Against Problem of Civil Strife in United States
-Las Vegas Sun, March 10, 1968

Vegas Jaycees Award Hughes Aide
-Las Vegas Sun, April 3, 1968

John Meier Picked by Tax Group
-Las Vegas Briefs, June 1, 1968

Pollution Big Health Menance
-Las Vegas Sun, Jan. 9, 1969.

Nixon Task Force
-New York Times, Jan. 14, 1969

Hughes Aide Defends State Nuclear Testing Criticism
-Las Vegas Review Journal, April 11, 1969

The spies he can’t see worry John Meier most
-Columbian (Canada), Feb. 14, 1974

Profile of John Meier
-Las Vegas Israelite, May 16, 1969

Governor Luis A. Ferre cited John Meier for his “extrodinary assistance” to Puerto Rico on environment, gaming, and mining
-Puerto Rico News Release May 21, 1969

U.S. News Service, John Meier Knighted
-Sept. 12, 1969

John Meier the man to see about any of Howard Hughes operations
-New York Daily Column, Oct. 1, 1969

Hughes Aide Gets Small Nation Award
-Las Vegas Review Journal, Oct. 21, 1969

The Secret Life of Clifford Irving
-Time Magazine, Feb. 14, 1972

Clifford Irving Article
-Time Magazine, February 21, 1972

Former Hughes aide turns to a South Sea Paradise, King Tupou IV of Tonga gives Meier’s Bank of the South Pacific exclusive rights for 99 years to any and all merchant banking activity in Tonga
– Vancouver Province, December 17, 1977

Judge hints at error on Meier extradition
-The Vancouver Sun, January 7, 1983

Hughes Aide to Organize Foundation
-Las Vegas Review Journal, November 2, 1969

Story to bring Nixon down
-Columbian (Canada), Sept. 22, 1974

Howard Hughes ‘Private Mr. Clean’
-Los Angeles Herald Examiner, Nov. 9, 1969

Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce appoints Officers
-Las Vegas Review Journal, Dec. 24, 1969

John Meier to Head Fund Raising Appeal for the 1970 March of Dimes Campaign
-Las Vegas Review Journal, Jan. 2, 1970

So Little Time…
-Las Vegas Sun, March 3, 1970

Meier – Murray Productions
-Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences Motion Picture Credits

Meier Lieutenant Governor Hopeful?
-Nevada State Journal, Apr. 12, 1970

John Meier honored at autograph party
-Review journal, Apr. 21, 1970.

Nephew Reported Angry at Nixon on Vesco Job, President’s nephew wrote to John Meier concerning “Great God in the White House pulling wool over his eyelids”
-Jack Anderson, Oct. 30, 1973

Hughes, IRS Trigger Canadian Watergate
-Las Vegas Sun, Nov. 28, 1973

Meier launches new bid to prevent extradition
-The Vancouver Sun, December 15, 1983

Howard Hughes Raises New Questions About Atomic Test Blasts in Nevada
-The New York Times, April 18, 1969.

Nixon Offer to Meet with Hughes Claimed
-Los Angeles Times, Jan. 24, 1974

Meier gets to stay
-Columbian (Canada), June 7, 1974

Delta Man Charges Howard Hughes – CIA Link
-Columbian (Canada), July 16, 1974

TV linkup tells Meier no appeal, Historic hearing via a TV satellite hookup, The Vancouver Sun
-Dec. 6, 1983

Hughes has got to be dead or a vegetable – John Meier
-Columbian (Canada) Aug. 2, 1974

Meier alleges plot to blackmail him, American authorities wanted to stage a Watergate style scandal aimed at the Democratic Party. Meier wanted no part in the plot
-Columbian (Canada), Dec. 11, 1974

Meier Visits Japan
-Las Vegas Sun, Feb. 20, 1969

Cuban American Labeled CIA agent
-Columbian (Canada), Jan. 21, 1975

Hotel’s man was CIA spy
-London Sunday People, Jan. 26, 1975

Report Says CIA Helped Hughes Steal Papers
-Las Vegas Sun, March 23, 1975

CIA: A target named Castro
-Newsweek Magazine, June 2, 1975

Hughes – Meier Series (The Invisible Government) Starts
-Las Vegas Sun, September 13, 1975

Too Much Knowledge To Leave Him Alone (Part 1)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 14, 1975

Damming Knowledge of Hughes, Nixon (Part 2)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 15, 1975

Meier Documents Might Link Hughes to CIA (Part 3)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 16, 1975

Intertel Tracks Down Meier In Vancouver (Part 4)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 17, 1975

Boat Outing For Meier Turns Into Nightmare (Part 5)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 18, 1975

Vancouver Home Prison For Meier (Part 6)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 19, 1975

CIA Snoops Irked Canada (Part 7)
-Las Vegas Sun, September 20, 1975

John Meier Living in Exile with Suitcase of Secrets
-The Delta Optimist (Canada) – March 2, 1996

Hughes, Governor Laxalt Form State Planning Group
-Las Vegas Review Journal, Feb. 27, 1968

The Trench-coat set’s mania for the inconsequential
-The Financial Post (Canada), November 22, 1975

Watergate probers seek talks with Delta man
-Columbian (Canada) – November 1975

Meier Consultant to Coordinated Law Enforcement Unit
-Columbian (Canada), February 3, 1976

Nevada town hides Hughes secret
-Columbian (Canada), March 3, 1976

Town could boom again
-Columbian (Canada), March 4, 1976

Town’s future in silver
-Columbian (Canada), March 5,1976

John Meier charges plot by IRS, CIA, Summa. Obtains Canadian Citizenship
-Las Vegas Sun, November 5, 1977

Diplomat beats U.S. extradition, John Meier has diplomatic immunity from Tonga
-Daily Telegraph, July 29, 1978

Hughes Aide and Family face terror in Tsawwassen
-The Vancouver Sun, September 15, 1978

Meier hires Lee Bailey as lawyers
-The Vancouver Express, March 7, 1979

Meier ‘Will Tell on CIA’
-The Vancouver Sun, January 16, 1981

Meier Parole Begins, Meier says “The C.I.A. is, and was, operating illegally out of Canada
-Fraser Valley Record (Canada), January 21, 1981

Meier Tried Politics After Leaving Hughes Group
-Las Vegas Sun, March 29, 1981

Heart condition halts extradition hearing for Meier
-Vancouver Sun, November 25, 1981

Meier’s lawyer charges ‘movie plot’ conspiracy
-The Vancouver Sun, 1982

Executive of the Day
-Los Angeles Times, Nov. 9, 1965

Accused says key witness involved in murder case
-The Vancouver Sun, Sept. 20, 1982

John Meier on advisory committee for The League of Women Voters
-Las Vegas Review, Oct. 23, 1969

MP wants extradition examined
-The Vancouver Sun, February 5, 1984

DA says Meier case only circumstantial
-The Vancouver Sun, September 6, 1984

Ex-Howard Hughes aide elated at being free of murder charges
-The Vancouver Sun, September 25, 1986

Nixon bribe, international intrigue spotlighted in biography
-The Vancouver Sun, October 28, 1995

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